If your Sony, HTC, Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi screen glass breaks, you should get it fixed right away. Additional use or a sudden bump can push glass into the LCD, damaging it and requiring a more expensive repair.

Glass Repair also replaces the digitizer, the component that controls your phone’s touch response. If your iPhone is not registering touches on all or part of the screen, replacing the glass will fix the problem.

We offer same-day service at our walk-in locations. Typically, this repair can be performed in 30 minutes. Screen repairs can generally be completed within 24 hours from receipt of the phone at our mail-in center.

We provide 3 months warranty for our screen replacements. This warranty covers everything except accidental damage.

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Repairs LCD GoodLCD Damaged
HTC M8 $119 $119
HTC M9 $129 $129
HTC 10 $149 $149
Sony Z5 $149 $149
Google Pixel $189 $189
Google Pixel XL $219 $219
Google Pixel 2 $279 $279
LG Nexus 5X $129 $129
Motorola Nexus 6P $229 $229