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New Powerball

Powerball is changing from 6 numbers to 7 numbers, ball reduce from 1 to 40 to 1 to 35 more info coming soon

Why are we Supercharging Powerball?

Australians love jackpots! The attraction of the big jackpot has grown since the launch of Powerball in 1996. Offers of $20 Million and above continue to grow in popularity, engaging not only familiar lottery players, but also less frequent players who are attracted to the exciting dreams and freedom that a big win could bring to their life.

Game Launch Dates

The New Powerball game will launch on 13 April, with the first draw on 19 April (1144). This date is subject to regulatory approval.


Draw Suppression will commence on 8 February until 12 April.


Benefits Customers will have:

  • Improved odds of winning any prize, leading to more overall winners each draw
  • Big jackpots that our customers love
  • A more attractive game.


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