Former homeless man plans wedding after Scratchie win

A Perth couple who won big on a scratchie lottery said they were shocked and couldn’t believe it when their $20 ticket turned into $200,000.  The moment Jordan Ross and Jayde Hicks’s lives changed at the Lucky Charm Newsagency at Willetton was captured on CCTV.

Man scratching lottery card with coin

It’s a welcome change of fortune for 20-year-old Mr Ross who was reported to have been homeless five years ago with only had a skateboard to his name.

Ms Hicks opened up on Sunrise on Friday about what was going through her mind at the time, saying her heart stopped beating.

“It was like a flood of relief, more than anything, that just came over me and I couldn’t believe we were so lucky to win that amount,” said Ms Hicks.

“The most I’ve ever won is $100 at the most on a scratchie.”

“I felt like I was having a heart attack to be honest.”

Mr Ross said his partner cried the whole way to the Lotterywest headquarters.

The big winnings will make quite a difference to the young couple, who have already thought about what they will do with the money.

They have been able to fulfil one dream already – splashing out $20,000 on a boat.

The couple is no stranger to trying their luck on scratchies though, but they’ve never won this big before.

Ms Hicks told Sunrise they didn’t even go to the shops for the scratchie this time and that she had a craving for a juice.

“As we walked past I was just like quick – let’s just pop in and be a little reckless for once – because we’re always so concerned about money and where it’s going to go,” she said.

Mr Ross reportedly said he would help out his mum, study for a job, put some aside for a house deposit and the couple is also thinking about using some of the money for their wedding.

“Originally we were going to have it in September but we couldn’t afford it at the time… nothing too big.”

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